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Dear Members of the Trailblazer Alumni Community,



Our lives are a puzzle comprised of multiple pieces which are joined to form a unique story.  Though our time at VU is a small piece, it is a cornerstone which is never forgotten and it helps to form the foundation that allows our lives to come to into shape.  Memories may fade, but the feelings of our first steps on campus, the numerous friends that we have gained, and the feeling of being on stage to receive our VU diploma remain vivid in our hearts and minds.

More than 220 years have passed and over 125,000 alumni members have crossed the halls of the VU campus and changed the alumni network for the better.  If it’s been a while since you have visited campus you will be amazed at the transformation of campus due in no small part to the generosity of alumni members who remain involved in our communities today.  The French Quarter Housing Complex provides a safe and beautiful location to live and learn.  State of Art learning facilities provide students access to the latest technology and resources needed to build the workforce of tomorrow.  Kimmell Park as well as many of the campus green spaces have been renovated and are maintained immaculately and with care.

You are the pulse and heartbeat of the VU Alumni Association.  We encourage you to visit campus, update your contact information, and to share alumni your stories. We continue to create new physical and virtual events as we add social media content so that you may stay connected to all things VU. With the support of our Trailblazer Network, we are poised to write the next chapter at Indiana’s first university!

We cannot wait to reconnect with you as a part of the VU alumni community.

Aaron Selby

Director of Alumni Engagement | 812-888-5332