Discover Your Style of Giving

We are excited to be your partner in giving and our goal is to make the process as simple as possible. Let's start the conversation with four questions.

What is your gift goal?

We want to earn more about you and your ideas for your gift. Are you interested in the BLAZERSGIVE Fund, designing a scholarship, supporting academic excellence, or being a part of facility development? You have a great story to tell and we are ready to listen!

When do you want to give?

You may wish to make an immediate gift, make multiple gifts across a period of time, plan for a gift in the future or a combination of options. Let us know what you are thinking.

What do you think you could give?

Donors give in many ways from cash to securities to planned giving. We serve as a facilitator for your giving efforts and will collaborate with you and your representatives to create your preferred style of giving.

Annual Giving is a crucial part of the VU Foundation’s work with funds such as the VU Society, Friends of the Arts, and BLAZERSGIVE Fund. Your commitment supports the mission of removing financial barriers and increasing access to quality education and programming at Vincennes University.

Corporate and Foundation Gifts are vital to the support of Vincennes University. Gifts range from monetary donations to state of the art equipment for instruction. Corporations and foundations often sponsor key initiatives that elevate the learning and networking opportunities for our students and supports faculty and curriculum development. We look forward to learning more about your corporation or foundation’s philanthropic philosophy.

Endowed Gifts are our most popular means to creating a philanthropic legacy through a perpetual fund. A collective gift* of $10,000 or more may be endowed with the VU Foundation. Endowments are invested and the annual investment earnings are used to benefit the cause that means the most to you.

*While some donors create an endowment with a single gift, others may begin by giving smaller amounts over time and changing it to an invested endowment once the minimum level has been reached.

Individual Gifts throughout the year are received as our alumni and friends wish to support multiple efforts; therefore, making an individual donation to each of their favorite funds. An example would be an alumnus who is a member of the VU Society, supports a specific academic program, and donates the Children of Alumni Scholarship Fund each year.

Planned Giving includes many giving avenues such as bequests, life insurance, gift annuities, charitable trusts, and IRAs. We can work with you and your financial or legal representatives to provide the necessary information for these styles of giving. We also have programs such as the Harrison Society for donors in some categories.

Securities are options for giving. You may gift publicly traded securities that have appreciated in value. We can work with you or your broker to make arrangements.

Tribute Gifts are gifts given in honor or memory of a special person or to mark a special occasion (anniversary, commencement or retirement) in your life.

How can we help?

We can help you navigate giving possibilities, share examples of giving styles, provide information about existing funds and demonstrate how to create a fund. Our favorite part of the conversation is learning about your vision and sharing the impact your gift.